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The Glam Pantry

July 18, 2019 | By | No Comments

Have you been pinning ideas for your dream glam pantry? Do you have tons of space in your pantry but feel as if it’s underutilized? Have you began purchasing containers for storing dry goods but realize they don’t fit your pantry space? This does make it hard to get ‘glam’ look for sure. The dream in not impossible. Have no fear Design Your Life is here.

A ‘glam’ pantry starts with simplicity. A less cluttered feeling is the goal and for Design Your Life acrylic bins are my GO TO in pantry bins. However, the average clear bin is hard to find in regular stores. I recently discovered Ikea has a great variety of sizes to help with that very issue. I personally like a clear or white bin for pantries because they allow things to look uniformed, which will allow the simplicity to take hold.

The most glamorous thing about a pantry is its ability to make your life easier. If you have bulky appliances find space for them in your pantry instead of on your kitchen counter tops. A bonus in your pantry is outlets for your appliances. If there are plugs then plug those appliances in!

Now to the shelves, start with the bottom shelves first. Fill each of these shelves in and work your way up. In a perfect world they will naturally fill from front to back and side to side in each section. For most pantry sections are not the exact same measurements. Your decision then is between, ‘do I make the smaller bins float in the larger spaces?’ or’ do I find comparable bins that I can use so that the front section and side sections of the pantry is the same, “do they look good together?’ Really at this point it’s a personal preference in how you want your pantry to flow.

Now, division of product. If you have a crowded can goods section put them snugged up next to your pantry door. Invest in white stair steps for can sorting, you can find these at the Container Store. Allow yourself to have a whole section just for your can goods. In doing so you can spread your cans out which will allow you to see what you have in stock. This will help you avoid buying too much of what you don’t need. Remember your going for ‘glam’ so try to group like products together. Place those heavy products on lower shelves and taller products up higher.

Now let’s label. There are several different ways you can label things. You can use a pretty label to give your pantry a more sophisticated look or you can hide your labels so you do not see them until you are right on top of them. The better your labeling system is the better OTHER people can use your pantry.

Again, that takes us back to… A ‘glam’ pantry starts with simplicity. Don’t over do it and just remember it always gets worse before it gets better. If you’re feeling overwhelmed just call Design Your Life because we organize your space so that YOU may design your life.

Organized Pantry

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