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Bathroom? Or Storage?

Job Description

This is a Highland Park home office. The storage in two closets had been filled and this bathroom became their overflow. The client was unconcerned about the things being stored in the bathroom because she did not use it.


After purging and organizing the office and two closets, the items in the bathroom had a natural place to be stored. The by-product of getting the organization done was that she regained a functional bathroom. We added two full-size file cabinets, dividers, labeling and sorted and purged. Although our entire team worked on the “heavy” parts of the job — rearranging furniture, moving artwork, moving items to an outside long term storage area, the cost was kept low because we dedicated one organizer to help the client purge and label files so the crew was not stalled waiting for decisions to be made.We also delivered many items to donation and friends.

Time Spent

20 Hours

Project Cost

$4,000 including products