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Small Garage Closet

Job Description

This is the third house we’ve helped this client with. With this project we were closing out her mother’s home after she passed and moved her into a Highland Park home. This garage is in a second home out of town. The small closet off of the garage is where the HVAC & hot water heater is all contained. It became a catch-all for the family.


There were already built in cubbies in the left-hand wall and drawer storage on the right. Our team helped her purge the items she no longer needed. We then categorized the remaining things that needed to be stored. A good portion of it was long-term save items for the grandkids. We found the largest tubs we could to fit in each cubby.

Time Spent

10 Hours

Project Cost

$2,500, including products

Special Note

If items are stored in tubs, the space looks better; the items are protected from the dust, water, and humidity; and they are easier to find once the tubs are labeled and put away.